Odessa is one of those cities lovingly referred to as Mother by her citizens. This by itself tells you how much Odessa is loved and cherished.
Like any mother, she loves receiving gifts from her children. Owning an exuberant collection of architectural gems, there is no greater gift for her than to see her children taking good care of this heritage.
Odessa's development history is full of vivid impressions and enticing waterfront cafes. These cafes are ecumenical food meccas frequented by locals and tourists who seek rare authenticity and magnificent views.
In 2020, renovation of the embankment on Maliy Fontan had begun. The restoration team relied on old lithographs of the place dating back to the late 19th century.
Four gazebos united in one architectural ensemble, a staircase that leads to the sea, and the embankment itself are equipped with new benches and lanterns. Location and the improvements make Maliy Fontan a coveted place to enjoy the mellow golden incandescence of one of the most picturesque bays of the Black Sea.
We are always happy to see you at the Buffet on Maliy Fontan.
Let's celebrate Odessa together with a good mood and gifts from the bottom of our hearts!

What was the original Small Fountain?

Some references have survived in the Odessa Chronicles. The historians wrote about this place:
"... Behind Lanzheron, along the seashore, there are dachas in the direction of the so-called Maliy Fontan. They are located on both sides of the road leading from the city.
It is the best corner of Odessa, Maliy Fontan - the most beautiful place on the coastline.
Nowhere else cliffs rise so bizarrely above the undulating surface of the sear; nowhere else there is such a variety of rock fragments rising above the water.
Take into account the baths, a good restaurant, a good transport connection to the city by horse-drawn railroad, and it will be clear why this is a favorite place for festivities of Odessa citizens, why a lot of the public flocks here …."
Throughout the entire coastal part south of the city, and especially near the Maliy Fontan, from the middle of the 1870s, wonderful private dachas began to appear rapidly after the installation of the water supply system. Vineyards and orchards were planted. It completely changed the nature of this once deserted terrain.
Before the construction of the water supply system, there were only a few large and comfortable dachas (Kortazzi, Marazli, Rally, Rodokonaki, etc., as well as the former Volokhova). The owners spent a lot of money on dacha's irrigation. And one of the dachas (Rally) even had its own water supply shut down after the city started providing this convenience to more and more neighborhoods.
Nowadays, the ornamental and fruit gardens occupy about 1000 acres of land, and the vast majority of these orchards are irrigated with Dniester water. The orchards are a valuable source of permanent income for some owners. The vineyards provide the highest income. Mainly the best table and medicinal grape varieties are bred for sale. Due to the culture of medicinal varieties, Odessa has recently acquired the status of a resort for using grapes as part of the treatment for some patients…
Odessa 1794-1894, Publication of the City Public Administration for the centenary of the city. A. Schulze printing house, Lanzheronovskaya st. house Caruso, no. 36, 1895

Not a fountain! History of one phraseologism.

From the very beginning, Odessa lacked fresh water. At first, people tried to dig wells. But the water was terrible and expensive. In 1796, a bucket of fresh water cost 15 kopecks and a pound of meat - 20 kopecks. The water demand was huge. And then, the townspeople began to look for fresh water sources. On the Odessa coast, highly mineralized subsoil waters emerge from under the Pontic limestones, in some places directly onto the beaches. These sources were called Fountains. The people began to settle near the water. At first, small farms were formed - Maliy, Sredny, and Bolshoi Fountain. Subsequently, the areas where these sources were discovered were called Bolshoi, Sredny, and Maliy Fontan. To make some money, dishonest entrepreneurs were trying to sell water from other sources, passing it off as Fontanskaya. After having the taste of "fake" water, the residents of Odessa would comment sourly, frowning: "Not a Fountain!"
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